I’m building a InMoov Robot

Even though I spend some much time with SharePoint Server, Project Server, Project Online, Office automation, SharePoint upgrades, I do find time to work on my InMoov robot.  Started building this at the WSMIXXER (Maker Space in Winston Salem) on June, 2019.  3D printing is slow and  I figure it will take about two  years to complete. Plus there is the software and hardware needed to make it move.  Who knows maybe other robot nerds will come join me and help.  Is this the birth of the Terminator?

Check demo of InMoov robot that was done 5 years ago.  InMoov now has legs.


Man, i got a lot on my mind. Above shows progress as of August 23, 2019 my head, hand and wrist parts are coming together.  3D printing is so slow.  Parts of the forearm are printed.


Left hand printed and needs cords attach for finger movement.  I’ll be eating chicken once the fingers are working.


Sun so bright, I got to wear shades.  “Dire Straits”


Some of the head parts printed and on right is stand to mount the head on pedestal.  The little blue man is scaled version of InMoov when fully printed.  He’ll be about six feet


Above shows progress around June 2019.  The head is printed. Notice the eyes had issues, and will be printed again.  On the right side is a Steam Punk cube.  All the corners spin causing the other corners to spin.


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