Installing SharePoint 2019 (Public Preview)

Before running Project Server 2019 can be tested and reviewed, SharePoint Server 2019 must be installed.   On July 24, 2019 Microsoft announce and release the SharePoint 2019 Public Preview.  Click here to download SharePoint 2019 Public Preview.

Installing the public preview is relatively simple process.  Install a either Windows Server 2016 or 2019 on a VM or physical server.  I like using Azure VM because there is a SQL Server 2016 running on Windows server 2016.   If not using Azure VM, then SQL Server 2016 or 2017 also needs to be installed.

Once the windows server is setup, then download installing bits, install SharePoint and run the SharePoint configuration wizard.   This is works great for quick get me started. I use PowerShell script that does the same thing as the SharePoint Configuration wizard.  The reason for the script is that I can name the SQL databases and the Wizard doesn’t allow for this.  Link to MyProjectExpert ProjectServerTools   Download for PowerShell configuration wizard. I left my notes inside the PowerShell to remind me of what some of the functions do.

Another tool that I recommend for installing SharePoint 2019 Public preview is AutoSPInstaller Online. Link to AutoSPInstaller   Its a great tool and at the time of this writing, it may not have all the functionality for SharePoint 2019, but I am sure its coming.

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