Microsoft Releases Project for the Web

The future of project management is built on the new Project for the  web.   More details to be presented at this years Ignite 2019 at Orlando Florida’s Orange County Convention Center.  Over ten sessions are slated for this years conference.

Microsoft has release a new version of Project Online called Project Web.   The user interfaces is simpler and integrates with many of online projects, such as Power Apps, Power Bi, Office 365, Dynamics and other tools using Common data Service (CDS) for apps.

Its slated to fill the gap between Planner and Professional.  Below is a screen shot of the simpler and easy to used form to enter task.  The number of fields presented are few at the start. Project manager can add or remove fields as desired.

In the example below, I am tracking the deliverable, assign to resource, number of days, start and finish date.  The last three columns were added because I am from old school, however, it can be a simple list of tasks (deliverables) and assignment.


For those who require Agile, the “Board” few shows the tasks in a Kanban view, making it fit into agile environments.  Same task with the cards that make it easy for the team to manage.


Finally, a “Timeline” view for predicting them the project will be completed.



One thought on “Microsoft Releases Project for the Web

  1. The real name of this product is Project for the web, not Project Web. In spite of all of the hype, I cannot imagine how this product could replace Microsoft Project and Project Online. I think Project for the web would be fine for people who are not full-time project managers and who need to manage small and simple projects. But I cannot imagine any way in the world that you could manage a medium or large complex project with this new tool.


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