Why Waterfall Should have Never Existed: Part 1

Eric Uyttewall has been a champion of managing projects using Microsoft Project for many years and has authored several books on Dynamic Scheduling. I have always told my fellow project managers that his techniques for managing projects using principals of “Dynamic Scheduling” is the gold standard for managing critical path and your projects. If you are unfamiliar with “Dynamic Scheduling”, it basically a Gantt Chart that changes as the project moves thru execution.

He has recently published a great article Waterfall Should Have Never Existed: Part 1 | MPUG. I am not certain if you have to be a MPUG (Microsoft Project User Group) member to read it but if you can, it is well worth the read.

The article goes into detail about the importance of managing projects using Critical Path and that Critical Path is not the same thing as Waterfall. It’s actually more Agile than you may think. The project schedule is just one large planned sprint and it includes a predictive date as to when project may be completed.

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